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Our American address has been updated!


Attention! Our American address has been updated! Our own warehouse is now operational!!
Good news for customers ordering from America from Dynamex! We have opened our own warehouse in America for faster delivery.
Currently, both warehouses are fully operational. Packages will be added to the system along with a photo on the day they are delivered to the new foreign warehouse.
Note that the main factor in the change of address is to provide better and faster service to our customers.
Our new address in America: 320 Cornell drive C3, 19801, Wilmington, Delaware, USA.

Advantages of ordering with Dynamex:
We enter it into the system on the day the package is delivered to the foreign warehouse
1 flight per week
Delivery to the address, Payment at the door, Courier order
Convenient ordering with "family account".
Entering orders into the system 24 hours a day
Convenient and fast Mobile application
100 delivery points, 15 customer service points in the country
Order by mail to any part of the country
"Same Tariff" service to every part of the country
24-hour foreign warehouse service
Convenient change of branch and delivery point
Tariffs for regular and liquid products are EQUAL!