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What is Track ID? What is it used for?

What is Track ID? What is it used for?


When "Track ID" or "tracking number" is translated from English, in our language, the track number is known as an order tracking number. So, after receiving the order, the seller packs the product and delivers it in the form of a package to a local courier company. The courier company assigns a tracking number to the package.


The track number allows you to track the package until it is delivered to an external warehouse. The track number is unique and is given separately for each package. To track your package, you need to enter the websites of local courier companies and enter the track number.


We will give you more information about this in this blog.


First of all, we present you the classification of information that you will find on the blog:


  • What is order tracking and why is it important?

  • How does the system work?

  • What information and features are activated during tracking?

  • Frequently asked questions


When ordering a product, many customers want to know where the product is, with which shipping company, and sometimes by what means of transport, as well as when the product is properly selected, packaged and ready to ship. In addition, customers know when their order will leave the warehouse. For them, answering these questions requires visibility in many processes and systems.


What is order tracking and why is it important?

One of the most important concepts used when shopping online is Track ID, also known as a tracking code or number. The main part of this system is the active tracking number. The system was first established by FedEx. Co-founder of FedEx, Fred Smith said product information is as important as the product itself. Launched in the late 1970s, the system has been an excellent tool for increasing efficiency. In 1979, the system offered customers innovative operations and online services. Because the system was online, barcodes were read and entered into computers using computers. Later, the order tracking system gained people's trust and became widely used all over the world.


How does the system work?


Currently, the use of the system has become more active. Companies create a special box on their websites to allow customers to follow the product they have ordered. Through the received special number or code, customers can track all the processes and their time from the moment of ordering to the time of delivery of the product. Sometimes no special code or number is required and customers simply register at the time of ordering. The barcode is pasted on the product and tracking is activated. The code of each order is different.


What information and features are activated during tracking?

During tracking, this information is mainly shown to the buyer (customer):


  • time of product acceptance and departure from the point;

  • time of entering the exchange point and sending to the delivery point;

  • delivery time.


The tracking number plays an important role during the delivery process. The customer tracks the product and is sure that it will be delivered on time. Another important issue is that if there is any technical error during delivery or the goods which do not reach the customer, then the customer can inquire about the problem through the tracking code and prove that the payment was made. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain a tracking number when purchasing the product.



Frequently asked questions


  • How can I track my orders?

To track your orders, you can log in to your personal account on the site and use the "Orders" box. On this page you will see all your orders. Order number, current status of the order, amount, products, delivery address, etc. such information appears here.


  • When can I get a tracking number?

The tracking number is usually sent to your e-mail address in 1-2 days after the order is placed or you can see it in the My Orders section of your personal account on the website of the store you ordered.


  • Is there unregistered tracking?

Unregistered tracking is not available.


  • Is it important to fill out the Declaration when ordering in the system?

The declaration is an electronic document required for the ordered product to enter the system in time and in full after entering the warehouse abroad, and to see your order in your personal account on our website. After ordering from any store in a foreign country, you must notify the company of your order(s) by attaching a declaration in your personal account on the site.


Usually, you enter the information about your order in the fields indicated on the sites such as store, product type, quantity, product price, document, store tracking code and if necessary, enter the comment information and press the send button.



What type is the tracking number?


The tracking number is usually in the form of a set of letters and numbers.


Looking at the current forecasts, we can understand that as global relations develop, people's need for such a tracking system will increase, which will stimulate the activation of the system by all enterprises.

As Dynamex delivery company, we recommend that you take advantage of this service. You can easily track your packages when we provide fast delivery for you. You can safely get your new products with us in the new season!