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Order from online stores in Turkey

Order from online stores in Turkey


Placement of orders from foreign sites, especially from online stores in Turkey, and the rules of transportation with cargo companies are one of the most interesting topics for consumers who want to use these services. If you also want to order any product from abroad and have some hesitations, we recommend that you read to the end of this article, which explains in detail the rules of ordering from foreign sites. In this article you will get all the useful information about ordering from abroad. How to order from foreign sites? Which foreign (Turkish) sites are used the most? How to make a safe and secure purchase? How can you use the services of cargo companies? You will find the answers to all these questions in our article.


 If you want to order any product from Turkey, there are 2 solutions:


1.With your card, you order the product you want from online stores (brands' websites, shopping sites, boutiques on social networks) and entrust the transportation to the cargo company.


2."Order for me" service. Enter the link on the site where the desired product is sold on in the "Order for me" section, place the link in the box provided and our employees will place the order for you.


Now let's explain how to use these methods:

To make an order without using the "Order for me" service, first of all, you need to have a bank card (debit card, credit card or smart card) to make online payments. In this case, you should pay attention to the activation of the "3D Secure" function of the card, because most online stores do not accept payments from bank cards that do not support this feature, and the use of this feature is one of the parameters of the online store. If this feature is not active on your card, then you need to activate this feature by contacting the bank to which you want to pay. Note that payments also can be made with cards such as salary cards, pension cards where "3D secure" function is active.


Another way to make a payment is the "door-to-door payment" option found on many online shopping sites, which you can use to make your payment through us. To do this, you need to increase the Order Balance (TL) of your personal account on our site. You can top up your order balance in cash via E-manat terminals, bank card or by visiting our office. So now you have extensive information on how to pay when you want to order any product.


Let's continue the process.

First of all, register on the site where you want to shop online and on the site Be sure to use only English characters when registering. Then you select the product you want to buy, add it to the card and enter the address to be delivered to our address on our website, in your personal account, in the section of my addresses abroad. In this case, special attention is required to ensure that the address information is entered correctly. At the end of the "address bar" in the "My addresses abroad" section, the customer code for each person (D ……, Dx ……., C …….) Is written, you must enter this code correctly in the online store where you shop, and each person should only use this code for himself.


You may be required to use the "SMS Verification" code when shopping on some Turkish sites. "SMS Verification" code is sent to the mentioned Turkish number of our office when you fill in the delivery information. In this case, you can continue the process by clicking on the "Pay with another card" section and re-entering your card information. In this case, no "SMS Verification" code may be required.


So you can complete your order after choosing the payment method and making sure you enter the address information correctly. The steps you need to pay attention to so far are to make sure that your bank card's 3D Secure feature is enabled when making an online payment and to enter your address information correctly (make sure you enter your customer code correctly in the "address bar").


After your orders are placed in the Turkish domestic cargo, you must go to our website and fill out a declaration. Declaration packages are a must to be added to your account as soon as possible and delivered quickly. The declaration must be completed between the delivery of the parcel to the cargo (Turkish domestic cargo) and its delivery to the warehouse.


Now let's move on to the procedure of how to declare your parcels in your personal account on



You will receive a notification to your e-mail address when the parcel you ordered is delivered from the online store to a domestic courier. Then go to the online store you ordered and go to My Orders section. To see the details of the order, depending on the online store you are shopping in, go to the section with ORDER DETAILS OR REVİEW. Then take a screenshot of the full product information,  take a screenshot and save it. The file you save can be used as invoices.


Depending on the online store to get the code that needs to be written in the Tracking ID section when filling out the declaration, WHERE IS CARGO FOLLOW? Then log in to your account on and in the declaration window that opens by going to the "DECLARE" section, enter the "Track number", "Shipping number", "Cargo tracking number", "Delivery no" "Barcode no" in the TRACKING ID section. Enter "no", "Fatura no". Note that the names of these numbers vary depending on the courier company. You must enter any of these numbers provided to you.


Which code should be written in Trackind ID section?



Turkey-based cargo tracking numbers of anchoring to the tracking ID are not included. These numbers represent freight as hanged on the Turkish delivery company. Shared black cargo company is shown with the code of three.

1.PTT Kargo - "Barkod numarası"

2.MNG Kargo - "Fatura no"

3.Aras Kargo - "Taşınma İrsaliye No"

4.Surat Kargo - "Seri / Sıra Numarası"

5.Yurtiçi kargo - "Gönderi Numarası"

6.Trendyol Express - "Gönderi veya Numarası Numarası"


Parcel can not be declared with "order number".


The e-invoice issued of the "Invoys loaded" reseller store type is not included. In other cases, the dealer knows that he has sent the electron bill. In this case, the "screen view" of the information about the purchase which is written in the ordering details where you do your online shopping. Next, you should mention the name of the store, the category and the price in the invoice. If the store you ordered is not included in our list, you can add the name of the store and press "ENTER". You may know that you can write your personal wishes to the notes section. Once you have distributed all the statements properly, you can now finish the process by clicking "Save" button.


Now let's move on to the ordering procedure with the "Order for me" service



To do this, register on and log in to your account. Then, by clicking on the "Order" button, in the window that opens, you enter the link of the product you want to buy, details about the product, the number of products, the final price for the product. Information about the size and color of the product should be attached to the note section. The final price is the total payment for the domestic delivery of the product at its own price, it means that the domestic cargo payment in Turkey is also included in this price.


You need to make this payment by clicking "Add to Card" on the site where you ordered the product, then click "Confirm Order" and indicate the final amount that appears on the "Order for me" page on our website. If you want to add other products, repeat the same process by clicking the "add new product" button. Complete the process by clicking the "order" button. At the end of the process, the product will fall into the "my basket" section. You must have funds in your order balance to fulfill the order. If you do not have enough funds in your balance to fulfill the order, then go to the balance section from the left menu and increase your balance via your bank card by entering the amount you want to increase your balance in the blank cell. You can also top up your order balance through "E-manat" terminals.


You can increase your balance through "e-manat" terminals. To do this, go to the "E-manat" terminal, go to the "other" section and select "Dynamex". You enter your client code and click "Continue". Enter and confirm the desired amount. After completing the transaction, the money will immediately appear in your balance in your personal account. Please keep the receipt until you are sure that the funds are reflected in your account.

Once you have enough money on your balance, go back to the "order for me" window and pay for the products in the "my basket" section.


After completing all these steps, your order will be sent to us for execution. We will fulfill your order as soon as possible. After the process is complete, you can view the status of the order in the My Orders in Turkey section of your personal account. When an order is canceled for any reason, it is marked in front of the order.

When the number of products you want to order is limited and you can click the "order urgently" button to place your order out of turn.


For me, there are many advantages of the booking service. The following are the reasons why consumers use this service:

1. By using this service, you will save time in the shopping process.

2. For me, there is no need to declare orders with the booking service on our website, because our employees carry out this process on your behalf.

3. When shopping on Turkish sites, some sites send a confirmation code to the Turkish number, and sometimes the order is not completed if you can not enter this code.

4. Some Turkish online shopping sites do not accept payment by foreign bank cards. Then it is not possible to make payments on these sites with Azerbaijani cards. With our help, you can easily get the product you want from these sites.

5. For me, when using the order service, when ordering from, for orders in the amount of 30 TL and more, the domestic cargo in Turkey is 0 TL.



The most used and trusted online stores in Turkey are:


So you got acquainted with the methods and rules of ordering from Turkey. Your orders will be sent to Azerbaijan after proper execution. You can not follow your link on from your personal account. The status of your package means that if you have a Baku office, your package is ready to be handed over. When your package is in the Baku office, you will also receive an SMS notification. When your package is in the Baku office, you can pay the shipping fee in several ways.



1. Online - You can pay the shipping fee for your package online from our website. All you need is a bank card.

2. In cash - When your package is in our Baku office, you can pay the shipping fee in cash when handing it over.


When your package is in the Baku office, we can also deliver your package to the specified address by courier.

Our postal service is active for our customers living in the regions. It is possible to send mail to all regions of Azerbaijan. In this case, the order must be paid online.

Note that, according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 305, the monthly customs limit for customers is $ 300, and customers must declare their closure in the Smart Customs mobile application. Due to the reduction of Internet use due to the war, the declaration of parcels in the mobile application Smart Customs has been suspended. However, we also bring to your attention the rules of declaration, considering that the compulsory use of this service will be used again.


The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 305 will come into force on 24.09.2020, and we bring to your attention 4 important nuances that you need to know about this decision.



1. The monthly customs limit has been reduced from $ 1,000 to $ 300. Transportation costs are also included in this amount.

2. There will be no limit on the number of orders (packages).

3. The order limit will be applied for the current month, not for the last 30 days, and the customs limit for each person will be reset to the next month.

4. If more than 2 products of the same or the same type are ordered, the tax duty will be applied.


The same goods - goods that have all the same characteristics, including physical properties (except for small differences that do not affect the value of the goods), quality, as well as market reputation;


Homogeneous goods - goods that have similar properties and similar compositional materials, although they are not similar in all respects, but allow them to perform the same functions and be commercially interchangeable. The quality of goods, their market reputation and the availability of a trademark are among the factors taken into account in determining their homogeneity; (Example: 2 shirts, 2 dresses, etc. are considered to be products of the same sex, regardless of color and brand. If there are more than 2 products of this type, there is a possibility of retention by the State Customs Committee.)



Sign in with the Smart Customs application. Then go to the "User with Fin" section and enter your Fin code and the password you set.

Go to the "New Declaration" page in the "Simplified Declaration-E-Commerce" section.

Enter your personal information.

In the Tracking ID field, enter the tracking number that starts with the DT that was sent to you in the mail or assigned to close on our site. In the box of the carrier company, select Dynamex LLC and select "Sending country" Turkey.

Enter the store where you bought the product in the seller's box.

Enter the main and subgroup, value, currency and unit of measurement, which includes the product.

After entering all the information, complete the process.