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What is a tonic and how is it used?

What is a tonic and how is it used?


Those who read our summer skin care blog are a little familiar with tonics, you already know more or less the important role of tonics in skin care. In this blog, we have literally crushed gold for you. The use of tonics, which are one of the crucial stages of the facial cleansing process and should never be forgotten, will become a habit. Even as you read the benefits to your skin, you will be regretted that you have delayed or not used it at all.


Our blog consists of several parts:

  • What is a tonic?

  • When to use tonic?

  • Where to apply tonics?

  • How to use tonics?

  • What are benefits of a tonic to skin?

  • How and on what basis should tonics be selected?


What is a tonic?




We do our best to have healthyradiant and beautiful skin. We try to keep our skin looking younger by using from a variety of skin care products to the highest quality makeup products. But do we know that the most important care is to properly clean our skin in the morning and evening?


Tonic plays a big role in cleansing the skin, but unfortunately it is still not included in the process of cleansing the face of many women. But if you ask what a tonic is, our answer is very simple. A tonic is a liquid that looks and acts like water, but is richer in excess of hydrogen and oxygen.


Historically, tonics have been used to maintain the pH, means acid and alkaline balance of the skin after soap. But over the years, the ingredients has become even richer and has become a skin care product due to the benefits we will list in another section of our blog.


When to use tonics?




We mentioned that the tonic is the last stage of the facial cleansing process. So, in the initial stages, the face is first wiped with makeup remover, then washed with warm water. Do not rush to apply your moisturizer or serum on your face immediately after this process! Because the process of cleansing the face is not over yet.


So it is important to use a tonic immediately after washing your face. The tap water may contain rust, chlorine or other harmful substances that can irritate and tighten the skin, so it is recommended to use a tonic immediately after washing your face with lukewarm water.


In addition, the tonic helps to remove makeup and dirt left on the skin after washing with water. This means that skin without a toner is not yet fully ready for a moisturizer or serum. This means that the tonic must be applied after washing the face and before the moisturizer or serum.


Where to apply tonics?




We have areas called U-regions and T-regions. The U-zone refers to the cheeks and chin. These parts are usually more willing to dryness, irritation and stretching. The T-zone is the forehead and nose of our face. This area is more oily than the other.


It is necessary to start using the tonic in the U-region, continue in the T-zone and finish by massaging our neck area. As the U-zone is drier, we first apply the tonic to that area and then move on to other parts of the face. One of the main requirements is not to forget the neck area.


How to use tonics?




So we learned what it is, when and in what areas it is used. But how to apply the tonic on our skin? There are several answers to this question, and it means that everyone can apply the tonic on the face and neck, choosing a convenient and appropriate method for themselves.


The first method is to use cotton discs. We soak cotton discs in tonic and apply it on our face in the form mentioned in the previous section.


The second method is to apply the tonic directly to our face using our clean fingertips. It is advisable to continue the massage until the tonic penetrates your skin.


The last method depends on the packaging of the tonic. Spray-packed tonics can be easily applied to your face and neck.


What are the skin benefits of the tonic?




Probably every piece of information is interesting when reading about any product, but one of the most striking and important nuances is the benefits of the product. Rich in skin benefits, tonics mainly have several properties.


a) Regulates pH balance:

Usually tap water or soaps upset the pH balance of our face. Tonics allow our skin to create a more vibrant and smooth look by balancing the acid balance. In addition, it prevents the formation of premature wrinkles.

b) The pores are small:

The pores on the face allow dirt, oil and toxins to enter the skin more easily. Tonics prevent this process by tightening the pores on the face. Thus, your skin is also protected from harmful elements of the environment.

c) Reduces acne:

Tonics helps reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne by removing facial oil and dead cells from face.

d) Hydrates & nourishes skin:

Some tonics have moisturizing properties. Tonics moisturize the skin to make it look younger. In addition, it nourishes and increases the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.


How and on what basis to choose tonics?




We know that everyone has their own skin type. And therefore it would not be right for all skin types to use the same product. Tonics, like other facial care products, are made according to different skin types, taking into account their main features and problems. After reading this article, you will be able to easily choose a tonic that suits your skin.


Oily and acne prone skin should use tonics rich in substances that cleanse the pores and regulate the oil balance. Tonics that contain tea tree oil, AHA and salicylic acid are recommended for oily and prone skin.


Since the main problem of the dry skin, is dryness and peeling, these skins should prefer tonics that increase the moisture level, including vitamin E, rose water, hyaluronic acid.


As sensitive skin suffers mainly from irritation, tonics with soothing properties are indispensable for them. Rich tonics with chamomile extract and aloe vera will reduce skin irritation and revitalize.

We hope you have found the answers to many of your questions about tonics by reading this blog. And most importantly, you have learned that the use of tonic is a step that should not be forgotten in the process of skin care. Now that you can choose the right tonic for your skin, you can order the tonics from the list that we have collected for you on the Trendyol website with Dynamix Express at an affordable price!


Thank you for reading our blog, if you want to have a blog post about any other product, you can leave a comment.