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Our advantages

• The Dynamex Company shall carry out the delivery of parcels by a courier to any address in Azerbaijan.

• Free Insurance of all transported parcels.

• All parcels packaged (In packing such products, fragile icon should be noted from foam bubbles etc. protectors) in accordance with the rules of transportation are insured free of charge.

• Online Order Service

• Minimum Delivery Tariffs -Prices starting from 1 USD

• “Paying at the door” Service

• Location of the office at a convenient address in the city center. Address: 2nd floor, Railway Station, 28 May, 235 Dilara Aliyeva Street.

• Prompt Customer Service



How does it work ?

Register at

Get a foreign address in Turkey.


Send the order to the address

When shopping online, write down the address that's on our website in the address information where your package will be delivered and complete your order by paying.



How is the delivery fee calculated?

In accordance with the metric standards of the International Air Transport Association, the weight of the transported goods can be calculated in two ways, depending on the size of the parcels:
1. Physical weight
2. Volumetric weight
Both indicators are considered, which of the weight indicators will be greater, based on this indicator, the cost of delivery of the parcel is calculated.
Please be advised that the cost of transporting clothes, two pairs of shoes and bags from Turkey is calculated based on physical weight only.
If there are more than two pairs of shoes, the shipping cost will be calculated based on the volumetric weight.
The cost of parcels, one side of which exceeds 100 cm and up, is calculated in accordance with the physical and volumetric weight, depending on which weight is greater, the cost of transportation will be calculated based on this weight.
We bring to your attention the calculation procedure.
Width (cm) x Length (cm) x Height (cm) / 6000 = Volumetric weight (kg)

How many days will it take to deliver my order?

The delivery time of the parcels is calculated from the time the product enters our external warehouse. Shipment of goods from Turkey is carried out 7 days a week, within 24 hours. Shipment of goods from America is carried out once a week, within 5-7 days.


What is a declaration? How is it filled?

The declaration is to notify about the parcel ordered by the customer in “DECLARE” section in the personal account “” prior to the shipment enters the foreign warehouse.

Order information must be recorded before the parcel is delivered to the foreign warehouses. Declaration of cargo is possible only after the parcel is delivered to the courier by the seller and the tracking number is provided.

The declaration shall indicate the tracking number, store name, product category and the invoice document provided by the seller shall be attached.

Every parcel delivered to the airport of Azerbaijan is required to undergo customs inspection.

In order to avoid delays, the customer must log in to his/her personal account and declare the information about the order in advance.


In rare cases, Sellers send a customer package without specifying a tracking number. In this case, the declaration must be completed only after the parcel enters the warehouse.

Accuracy and correctness of the data is a prerequisite for timely delivery of the package.


Dynamex - address and working hours

Address: Azerbaijan, Baku, st. Dilara Aliyeva 235,

28 May, railway station second floor AZ 1020


Working hours:

 Customer service and orders: Every day :09:00 a.m. - 09:00 p.m.

Baku Warehouse: Every day 09:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m


Payment methods

Package shipping fee can be made at the customer's request online from, in cash at the office or via POS device. When paying through a POS-terminal, a 2% commission is charged by the POS-terminal.


How can another person hand over your parcel?

If you are unable to access and hand over the parcel (s) in our Baku office on your account, then you can give 
a power of attorney to another person to hand over the parcel in your name. 
To do this, you can log in to your account on our website, enter the information in the ID card of the person you want to receive 
the package from the "Credentials" section of your personal account and give him a power of attorney. 
The person you give your power of attorney can approach with your customer code and your ID card and hand over the package. 
There is no number limit for issuing a power of attorney. You can add as many credentials as you want.

Prohibited products

  • Deodorants
  • Mobile phones
  • Different types of batteries, power-banks
  • Foodstuffs.
  • Chandelier and frame ( If the parcel is not correct packed )
  • All kinds of weapons, ammunition, all kinds of military items, explosives, military equipment.
  • Explosives, flammable, chemical or other hazardous substances, as well as radioactive substances and materials related to their making technology.
  • Drugs and psychotropic substances, accessories for their use, as well as materials related to the technology of their preparation.
  • Pornographic products, materials that advertise and promote moral corruption, violence, terrorism, etc.
  • Live animals
  • Plants and seeds
  • Latent cameras, special confidential means of communication, literature about their passwords and operation.
  • Information systems, documents and archives on operational investigation activities of the Ministries of Defense, National Security and Internal Affairs.
  • Documents, inventions, projects of state importance
  • Jewelry, precious metals and precious stones
  • Banknotes, coins.
  • Accumulators
  • Batteries.
  • Engines
  • Hover Board scooters.
  • Car oils and all goods containing this oil.
  • Items prohibited for transportation by air.
  • Items prohibited for import into the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • Lithium batteries from Turkey and battery-powered appliances.
  • Liquid products, works of art, various medicines, documents from Turkey.
  • In accordance with US export legislation, the transportation of firearms, weapon parts or accessories, optical battles, optical binoculars, military uniforms, and items for military operations are prohibited.


Attention: When ordering a prohibited product, the customer is informed that the product cannot be shipped and the product is stored for free for one month. After the end of the 1st month, the package is stored in the warehouse for an additional month on a paid basis (1 day - 2 AZN). At the end of the deadline, the package is confiscated.


What is 300 USD limit?

According to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan (guided by paragraph 2.1.4 of Resolution No.305 accepted by the Cabinet of Ministers), individuals can import goods worth no more than the equivalent of 300 USD within 30 days.

If the physical value exceeds 300 USD, a customs duty is paid in accordance with the law.

The 300 USD limit includes the own cost of the item and the shipping fee for the stored package.

Parcels of citizens who have exceeded the limit shall be kept by the customs authority, which is the competent body.

When storing the parcel in BCT, the storage fee is 15 AZN for the first day and 2 AZN (1 euro) for each subsequent day.

Please be careful when ordering!


What are the details of the order service?

This is a complex service serving to buy any product from Turkey. In case of this type of order, we order by your behalf from the Turkish online store and conduct all the relevant arrangements and negotiations with the seller. In this case, our commission will be 5% of the total cost of product, and this amount does not include the cost of shipment to Azerbaijan.

You can get full information about using our service on this link:


What is "Tracking"?

  • After the package is fully packaged in online shop, it will be given to domestic couriers for delivery to the customer. The courier service in turn will provide a tracking number for the package.
  • Tracking number makes it possible to track the package from the courier’s warehouse to its destination.
  • Tracking number is different for every package and it's not duplicated.
  • You can track your package location until its delivery to the courier company’s warehouse on the domestic courier’s website.

Online courier order

We deliver parcels delivered to our Baku warehouse directly to your home through the "Online Courier" service. Easily get your parcels by ordering an online courier without coming to the office
You can order a courier online by visiting To do this, sign in to your account on, go to the "Order a courier" section, click "New order", select the parcels you want to deliver in the window that opens, fill in the sections "City, destination, address, phone, delivery date" and click "Save" .⁣⁣
You will receive your parcels within 24 hours. Courier fee when ordering will be reflected in your account. You can pay for the parcel shipping and courier payment online or in cash.


Mail delivery service to all regions

Online shopping is everyone's right. Therefore, we deliver your parcels to you, no matter where you are in Azerbaijan. It should be noted that the order for mail delivery is accepted when the parcel is in the Baku office.
To order your package by mail, shipping and handling charges must be paid in advance. (You can increase it in the "Shipping balance" section). Parcels are sent by state post and we would like to inform you that postal rates are set by the state post itself. The payment for 1 kg is 3 AZN. You must have at least 5 AZN in your balance. The shipping fee must be paid by the customer without any debt. We will delete from your balance only the amount determined by the state post office for postal delivery. The excess amount remains on your balance. Delivery time is 1-5 working days, depending on the region. After completing the above conditions, you can enter your personal account on our website and place an online mail order in the "Azerpocht" section to deliver your package by mail.


Refund Rules (İade)

Our company offers parcel return service.

We bring to your attention the rules of service:

Dynamex Express provides a free return for items purchased through the Online Order Service ("Mənim üçün Sifariş Et").
Returns of parcels only transported through Dynamex Express will be subject to a charge.
The return rate is determined based on the weight of the parcel according to the transportation rates.
 The return of the parcel is carried out if the goods in the parcel do not correspond to the ordered goods by the customer; if the goods are damaged, defective (the defect must be found in the office.), if the color or size of the goods does not match the order.
The return of the parcel is carried out with the presented invoice, if within the next 2 BUSINESS days from the moment the parcel arrives at the Baku office, the goods are checked without leaving the office and if one of the above cases is found.
If the above conditions are not met, the parcels will not be returned to the seller (the site from which the order was made).
Return of goods is carried out only in accordance with the terms of the store (the site from which the order was made)
Even if the consumer does not open the package of products such as phones and computers, they will not be able to return the product. For all the remaining products, if the product is not defective, the return shipping fee will belong to the consumer.

Rules of free insurance service

We insure all packages entering our warehouse free of charge.
We bring to your attention the rules of free insurance of packages with sensitive products.
We insure all sensitive products packaged in accordance with international shipping rules, 
covered with the necessary protective equipment (with airbags, foams, without physical damage) and with 
special signs on the box about the rules of transportation (for example, "fragile").

The order is delivered to the warehouse and is not just reflected in the system, what should I do?

Parcels must be declared on our website when delivered to domestic cargo in Turkey. If the package is declared correctly, it receives the status of an external warehouse within 48-72 working hours. If your package is not reflected in the system within the specified time, you can request that the delivery details of the package be investigated on social media or by sending a request to the e-mail address [email protected].

We are only responsible for packages that are delivered within the business hours of the warehouse and signed by the warehouse staff.


What is the period of free storage in the Baku warehouse?

Посылки можно бесплатно хранить в бакинском офисе 7 дней. По истечении 7 дней плата за хранение составляет 0.50 манатов за каждый день.

Where to place a mail order?

To order mail, you can enter your personal account on our website, go to the Azerpost section and order mail.


What are the TL and Dollar (USD) balance differences?

TL balance is for customers who want to use the "Order for me" service to pay for the products listed in the links posted on our site.

The USD balance is for shipping and payment of your courier orders. Please note that shipping can be done both in cash and online.

Also, transfer between these balances is not possible. To return the money on your balance, you need to send a request to the e-mail address [email protected].


Is it possible to transport liquid products from Turkey and at what rate is liquid products calculated?

It is possible to transport liquid products from Turkey, and liquid products are also charged at the usual product tariff.


When ordering by courier, is the courier fee calculated separately for each parcel?

The courier fee does not change according to the number of parcels. You only pay once for parcels selected when ordering by courier.

You can get acquainted with the rules of ordering an online courier from this link :


How can I increase my balance on Dynamex?

You can top up your balance on Dynamex in cash and online. You can top up your balance online by logging into your personal account on our website. You can also top up your balance through E-manat terminals, or you can top up your balance by visiting our office.


What are the advantages of Smart Customs?

Customers can pay the amount of tax payable online if they exceed the $ 300 limit when declaring their parcels in the Smart Customs application or on, and do not need to approach the Customs authorities to receive their parcels. Customers are also exempted from storing parcels in the customs warehouse (15 AZN for the first day, 2 AZN for the next day). Thus, customers are exempted from having to go to customs and use brokerage services for storage by declaring all their parcels in Smart Customs.


How can I get the package without going to customs if the customs limit of $ 300 is exceeded?

All parcels during the month
When declared in the Smart Customs mobile application and on the website and in case of exceeding the limit, the said tax payment is made immediately online, and if you inform about it, the parcels can be sent to the Baku Office without customs clearance.


When to fill out a declaration on Dynamex?

When the order is prepared and delivered to the Turkish domestic cargo, customers must declare the parcels in their Dynamex personal accounts.


How long does it take to resolve issues addressed to the e-mail address?

Issues sent to the problematic department by mail are investigated and resolved within 1 month.


Is the document transported?

Yes, documents are transported from Turkey. The transportation fee is set at 10 AZN.


What are the prohibited products?

Different types of batteries, powerbank.
Chandelier and frame (If the packaging is not correct)
All kinds of weapons, ammunition, all kinds of military equipment, explosives, military equipment.
Explosives, flammable products (such as deodorants) or other hazardous substances, as well as radioactive substances and materials related to their technology;
Drugs and psychotropic substances, accessories for their use, as well as materials related to the technology of preparation.
Pornographic materials, materials that promote and advertise immorality, violence, terrorism.
Live animals
Literature on hidden cameras, special secret means of communication, their passwords and operation.
Information systems, documents and archives of the Ministries of Defense, National Security and Interior on operational investigative activities.
Shock absorbers;
Hover Board scooters;
Machine oils and all goods containing machine oil.
Items prohibited for transportation by air.
Items prohibited for import to the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Techniques with lithium batteries and lithium batteries from Turkey.
* It is not allowed to export firearms, weapon parts or accessories, optical targets, optical binoculars and items intended for combat.